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Job Category: Other

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Date published: 01-Aug-2022

Job type: Full Time

Description and Requirements

About the role

CAD Technician/Map Editor:

Aerotech Mapping Inc. are looking for a CAD Technician/Map Editor to join their team in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About the Job:
Aerotech Mapping uses a diverse portfolio of software to develop and complete topographical maps; maps which once complete and finalized are delivered to the end client for them to use accordingly. One of the software that is used and commonly known throughout the drafting community is AutoCAD. AutoCAD, to be more specific, Civil3D, is used heavily at AeroTech Mapping to provide files to the end client with the needed information for them to do their studies, surveys, or other tasks that are related to the civil world.

Job Duties:
  • Drawing of 3d polylines to describe topographical features. This 3d polylines follow the terrain and are used to generate surface and contour information.
  • Use Civil 3D AutoCAD to generate contour information derived from 3d polylines and points.
  • Contour information is cleaned up to look presentable. This involves trimming at certain areas within the topographical map.
  • Contour information is labeled using text within AutoCAD
  • Edit polylines that have been drawn in AutoCAD. These polylines are the line work that is used to define the following: Buildings, curb and gutter, concrete sidewalks and features, vegetated areas, etc.
  • Usage of AutoCAD generated blocks to pinpoint topographical items such as water valves, manholes, meters, streetlights, posts, etc.
  • Placing text throughout map to show various elevations found within the map.
  • Placing a legend within the map. This legend contains info regarding blocks used within the map and special info pertaining to a project (client name, project name, flight date, map scale, etc).
  • CAD Tech School or equivalent
  • 2 years of work experience
  • Must pass our internal technical CAD test
  • Work well with team members and ability to multiply task.
  • Minimum starting hourly wage $18.00 ‐ $22.00 
  • Aerial Mapping experience is a plus.
Compensations & Benefits:
  • Salary commensurate with experience. 
  • Benefits include (1 week vacation, 5 Holidays, Personal Time Off (PTO), 40hrs week, 401K with company match benefit, Raises and Performance Bonus, 100% Paid Health Insurance for employees.)
  • Paid Time Off increases based on years of service.

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