Basic Information

Job Category: HR

Location: New York, New York, United States

Date published: 10-Mar-2022

Job type: Full Time

Description and Requirements

About the role

Poster House is currently seeking a Director of People and Culture to join our team in New York, NY.

Who We Are:

·         Poster House is the first museum in the United States dedicated exclusively to the design and history of posters. The museum opened to the public in New York City in June 2019. Through temporary rotating exhibitions, events, the permanent collection, and school programming, Poster House explores what posters say about society and how graphic design continues to impact the world with an emphasis on visual literacy.

About the Role:

  • ·         The Director of People & Culture will oversee the strategy and processes related to building and retaining an exceptional team at the Museum.
  • ·         This position will cultivate organizational practices that support positive relationships between leadership and employees and promote transparency, serve as the central point of contact on all employee relations matters, and provide proactive attention to emerging matters in society.
  • ·         The Director of People & Culture will oversee HR policies, procedures, work-related conflicts, disciplinary actions, and act as the point person for benefits offered by the organization. This position should view an inclusive culture as a competitive advantage that helps drive innovation and workplace satisfaction.

What You’ll Do:

  • ·         Optimize people-centered activities such as hiring, training, professional development, and performance management across all departments
  • ·         Support employees within the mission of the museum and respond to staff needs including professional development and engagement
  • ·         Champion cultural and employee engagement initiatives to provide a collaborative and productive workplace, considering things such as workflow, department practices, and staff communication
  • ·         Suggest areas that might require further professional development, and what additional human capital the organization should consider bringing on
  • ·         Lead opportunities for workforce engagement
  • ·         Train management on Poster House policies
  • ·         Work with the staff to best understand their needs, and then propose and deploy workflow policies
  • ·         Lead efforts to ensure that all resources related to mental health, benefits, and leave are equitable and distributed in a comprehensive way to the staff
  • ·         Lead on policies, procedures, work-related conflicts, disciplinary actions, performance improvement plans, terminations, and legal guidelines
  • ·         Collaborate with senior leadership to assess and further refine a vision for workplace culture, human resources need, and policies
  • ·         Cultivate an environment where all people, regardless of their background, feel included and heard
  • ·         Strategize for growth and how human resources can be developed to the mutual benefit of the staff and organization
  • ·         Consult on organizational design and ensure that roles are clearly scoped and accurately situated within the overall organizational structure
  • ·         Find ways to increase transparency throughout the organization
  • ·         Responsible for broad staff communications about job openings, new policies, professional development opportunities, and staff benefits
  • ·         Responsible for initiating public communications about important societal matters
  • ·         Support strategic collaboration between departments and executive and leadership teams
  • ·         Ensure that DEAI practices are represented in all processes of the museum
  • ·         Align diversity and inclusion goals with museum operations and program outcomes
  • ·         Spearhead DEAI education opportunities for the staff
  • ·         Evaluate current DEAI practices and efforts and create a metric by which to define success; review these practices regularly to understand their impact
  • ·         Ensure that a strategic hiring plan is in place
  • ·         Work with the Museum Director to respond to world events that affect organizational culture, or employee, and visitor communities, and create public statements on behalf of the organization
  • ·         Ensure compliance with all legal requirements through development and oversight of HR policies and practices, maintenance of HR records and documentation, training on compliance matters and other related requirements

Our Ideal Candidate:

Education and Experience

  • ·         Minimum of 7-9 years’ prior related experience with increasing levels of leadership at the HR Director level
  • ·         Experience with Nonprofits required
  • ·         SHRM Senior Certification or other relevant advanced degree or HR certification is a plus
  • ·         Passion for DEAI concepts and the ability to communicate about complex societal issues
  • ·         Proficient with Google Drive applications

Required Skills and Abilities

  • ·         Strong organizational skills with constant attention to detail
  • ·         A trusted partner who can build strong relationships at all levels of the organization
  • ·         Strategy-minded, have strong business acumen, good communication and interpersonal skills
  • ·         Experience with project management and team management
  • ·         Proven history of creating an engaged culture that promotes retention and efficiency
  • ·         Mix of start-up and established company experience preferred

What We Offer:

  •          Competitive pay; commensurate with experience - Salary: $100,000/annual
  •          Benefits package is available