Basic Information

Job Category: Sales

Location: North Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Date published: 29-Mar-2022

Job type: Full Time

Description and Requirements

About the role

Sales Assistant

An ADP Client, Stasmayer Inc. is currently seeking a Sales Assistant to join the team in North Charleston, SC 29406.

Internal Job Title: CIO Coordinator

Exemption Status: Exempt

About the Role:

One of the primary responsibilities of the position will be to shape existing relationships through trust within the CIO department. This role bridges the gap between the technical work we perform to maintain a world class IT infrastructure and the vision that our clients have and want to realize. In this role you will assist the CIO to coordinate and expand relationships between the Managed IT Department and the customer.

Principal Responsibilities:

             Coordinate the relationship between the Managed IT Department and the customer

             Assist the CIO with the receiving of new and existing relationships from Sales to foster and grow

             Assist in retention of accounts through great customer service and expectation setting

             Review and convert findings from the Network Administration department reports in to meaningful and prescriptive executive level conversation

             Prepare and attend Quarterly meetings with clients to discuss progress and strategy to continue relationship growth.

             Oversee action items that may result from Quarterly meetings with clients and the appropriate department that will undertake tasks

             Work with the project team, CIO’s and distribution to provide accurate quote scopes of all project sizes with concise goals and for clear execution by the project team

             Work and coordinate with vendors as necessary to ensure solutions meet the requirements

             Sales opportunity tracking and management

             Personal performance tracking through Key Performance Indicators

             Any other task or function assigned by management

             Ensure day-to-day service activities comply with standards for our clients and operational excellence.

Our ideal candidate:

Qualifications, Education and Experience

             Excellent people skills

             Positive attitude a must

             Desire to always increase customer service level

             Drive to constantly communicate to the client and keep them up to date regarding any information that will make him/her feel their interests are being addressed

             Exceptional problem-solver; sorts through complex issues and conducts comparative analysis of multiple solutions

             Exceptional organizational skills, meticulously detail oriented

             Exceptional verbal communication skills

             Dedicated to quality first and foremost

             Exceptional multi-tasking skills and ability to complete tasks quickly and efficiently

             Exceptional attitude, ability to stay composed and levelheaded under challenging situations

             Exceptional customer service skills

Essential Physical Requirements:

             Ability to lift 50 pounds.

             Ability to stand, bend, and climb for up to 10 hours a day.

             Ability to process information and merchandise through computer system. (Any other systems?)

             Ability to communicate with employees and customers effectively and courteously.

             Ability to read, count and write English to accurately complete all documentation.

             Ability to operate and use all equipment necessary to the position.

             Ability to climb ladders.

             Ability to work varied hours/days to oversee operations.

What We Offer:

             Competitive salary commensurate with experience; excellent benefits plan; substantial bonus plan based on individual, department, and corporate performance.

             Full Benefits (Medical, Dental, vision, Life) 401k, PTO Holiday Pay.

To Apply:

Please submit your resume via the “APPLY NOW” button

Equal Opportunity Employer


Sales Assistant, Customer support coordinator, Sales support coordinator